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Latin grammar

I wish Duo would include the number of the conjugation or declension with each word on the Latin word list. It would be very helpful for looking them up in a Latin grammar book. But I don't know where or how to make this request?

November 28, 2019



Here on duome are the ''Tips and Notes."

It is easy to know the declension or conjugation of a Latin word from the dictionary entry (as you know). The Lewis and Short Latin dictionary is an old stand-by. If you need help interpreting the abbreviated information in the entries, ask.


This is wonderful. Thank you!


Declensions and conjugations can be found in the "Tips" at the start of each lesson (the lightbulb on the web version).


Thank you! That's excellent, but there are no tips or light bulbs in the beta version of Latin that I am using. I have used the tips in other languages. I look forward to the addition of tips to Latin!

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