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  5. "Hū ka pika o kēia kai nīoi!"

" ka pika o kēia kai nīoi!"

Translation:Woah, this chili pepper water is spicy!

November 28, 2019



"Woah" is not yet accepted as the correct English spelling. It may soon become a word of the year due to common usage (originating from rap style?) but the correct English spelling at this time is "Whoa". For reference go to — https://writingexplained.org/whoa-or-woah-difference


If" hū ka ʻono" is very delicious then why isnʻt "hū ka pika" very spicy? I translated this as this chili pepper water is very spicy, along the similar example in an earlier example.


woah, whoa, wow to me is the same thing, unless I;m riding a horse, then I would say woah,


Typing the incorrect ʻWoahʻ instead of the correct ʻWhoaʻ makes me feel dirty. I even tried to use ʻOhʻ instead because itʻs the second translation that shows up in the hover hints, but it wonʻt accept that.

Please change this to the proper spelling, which is ʻWhoaʻ!!!!

It creeps me out being forced to submit something I know is completely wrong.

Thank you!


Okay, so if you donʻt want to type in improper English, DL will accept "Wow" instead of "Woah".

My wife is an English professor who is also taking the DL Hawaiian course and sheʻs the one who told me about using "Wow".

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