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Tips for learning Dutch

Hi everyone,

Just begun trying to learn Dutch - does anyone have any advice for becoming fluent in the language? Is Duolingo a good course to do or are there also other things you'd recommend? Many thanks! :)

November 28, 2019



Duo alone no. Duo combined with other things yes. The Internet is full of videos, podcasts, texts..... also I recommend doing flashcards and of course talking a lot. If you have no talking partner, imagine one, or talk to yourself. Especially practice the pronunciation first. Personally I found the videos of Bart the Pau helpful.

Peppa Pig is also good for vocabulary.


And talk to Dutch speakers !


Yes! On here, we have stories, podcasts, and a meet-and-greet that you can do in real life while meeting different people from different backgrounds or if they are learning the same language, makes it even more fun! I suggest reading the stories on here and sounding out the words. Some of dutch has tricky pronunciation and spellings, though I wouldn't worry. You have plenty of time to master! I wish you luck!


Wat leuk! Very nice to hear that you're learning Dutch. Best stock up on throat lozenges ;) I used to help German students with their language classes, and they always watched Dutch TV after they were finished with their exercises. You can watch online TV on www.uitzendinggemist.nl Subtitles are available for many videos.

Veel plezier!


I am "tackling" both German and Dutch. Are they similar? If so, should I concentrate on learning one BEFORE the other to make an easier transition to the second one?


The languages are from the same family, but they are absolutely not the same. German can definitely help you learning Dutch and vice versa, but it can also confuse you. If I were you I would focus on one first. Here you can read more: https://thedutchonlineacademy.com/en/articles/3-tips-to-learn-two-languages-at-the-same-time

A Dutch person can recognise some German words and understand the word order without much practice, but to have a proper conversation he or she will really have to study the language.

I would say Dutch is closer to English and therefore easier if you already speak English. Dutch grammar is also easier in general, German has cases for example.


I think talking to someone who is Dutch is a great way to become more fluent it can also make learning more exciting! Good luck!!

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