"Tha mòr."

Translation:a cow is big.

November 28, 2019



I answered correctly, it came back as wrong???

"Correct solution: Tha bò mòr. Meaning: a cow is big."


I typed it correct but it says not correct


"The cow is big." does not work. The only acceptable answer is "A cow is big." I reported the former as I believe it should be approved.

Report your answer if you believe it to be correct.


That would be, Tha an bò mòr.


I answered correctly but my answer was marked not correct


I responded "A big cow", is the addition of "tha" what reverses the phrase?


Tha is the present tense of the verb to be. Thus, A cow is big.


Yes. The addition of tha is what reverses the phrase. "Bò mòr" means big cow, but it's just a phrase and not a full sentence. "Tha" is a verb, so adding a verb to the phrase makes it a full sentence. (Bò|cow)+(verb:"to be")+(mòr|big) = "cow is big"


Control of system is bad. Many times I answered wrong and It was right... :-( For example I wrote cha instead tha and I was correct...


This is an issue with duolingo program. If you put in an answer that is only wrong by one letter then it considers it only a typo and won't mark it as wrong. Sometimes it tells you "you have a typo" or "watch the accents" or something similar, but sometimes it glitches and just let's it through without saying anything.

This happens a lot in Gaidhlig because there are a lot of words only off by one letter. "Tha/Cha" for example. Also he and she (e/i), and sometimes even for adding the 'h' when leniting words (so it would accept "seanair" when it really wants "sheanair", for example)

Unfortunately there is nothing the volunteers can do about this. The developers could reprogram the app but that would mean taking away the typo feature which is useful across many languages

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