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I come back with DUO!

Hello everybody!

I got to know Duo last year. I played it and I enjoyed it. Then I stopped. While not using Duo, I still find that I have little forwards in the language that I learn. It makes me surprise. Now, I am determined to learn English well with Duo: speak and understand English well. I want to see and understand well the English movies or English programs without the translation subtitles. After practicing on Duo seriously, after only one week I realized that I had improved significantly: I listened better, had better pronunciation. I could communicate with a customer in English last week. That's so great! Thanks to Duo and all the people who built Duo! Good night!

November 28, 2019



Your English is great! Keep up the good work! img


That's awesome! Keep working towards your goals and good luck with your English studies.


Thank you for sharing that wonderful affirmation with us.
Welcome back and have fun !


Keep up the good work, well done you!


Wow! Your English is amazing! Keep up the awesome work;)


Your English is awesome! Keep up the great work, I could not tell you are not English!


Same, I didn't read it properly so I was confused when they said "I could communicate with a customer in English last week." Since I thought they were native English.


Good for you. And much luck with the hard work that you put into it.


I hope you continue to make great strides in your learning! :) Whenever we feel more confident when we USE it, it MOTIVATES us more to learn it! :) I wish you much luck going forward! :) By the way, your English is coming along nicely! :)


welcome back

ur doin gr8, n better dan me at englisch I hope you're improving in your other languages aswell.


Your English is pretty good. Congrats!

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