"A cow is bad."

Translation:Tha bò dona.

November 28, 2019



On a phone, you can hold down the vowel to get a list of accented versions


I use a Huawei and just changed settings on SwiftKey to Gaelic. Easy.


I prefer Gboard, you can have way more languages on it than on SwiftKey.

I currently have 18 different languages with separate keyboards on Gboard, it makes it very inviting when learning new languages here on Duolingo. Before, with SwiftKey, it was a pain in the arse cuz I could only have a set amount of languages on my keyboard (I think it was four or something) and I had to go into the settings to pick a language to remove just so i could add a new one. It kinda took away part of the fun cuz then I couldn't use the stuff I'd learnt.

Sorry I really didn't mean to go off on a tangent XD


I'doing also to get the accent on the "o", but nothing work

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