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  5. "IRN BRU! Tha mi air bhioran!"

"IRN BRU! Tha mi air bhioran!"

Translation:IRN BRU! I am excited!

November 28, 2019



Is it really all caps?


Ive typed in both English and Gaelic and tells me ive typed in the wrong language


This is a known bug with the app. As far as we know they never fix bugs, so the only option is to stop using the app. The website works perfectly well on a phone, and is missing several bugs.


This has happened to me too.


My favourite A.G.Barr's brand is "Высотка". It is actually a cream soda with a Russian name (Skyscraper). Crystal-clear and no-bubbles in the glass, soft sweet foam in the mouth, vanilla and cream, fresh and soothing, matches superbly whisky, cognac, gin, rum, vodka - almost any hard liquour... Acquired and destroyed by one of the two world's carbonated monsters. RIP.


IRN BRU is nice, too. So far, I have tried it with gin, vodka - and it tastes great.


I couldn't find "air bhioran" on the list of vocabulary words. Is it in the notes somewhere? Can somebody paste a link?


Nor could I. There is a discussion on this question about what it means, both literally and as a metaphor. As I say there, I would never use it to mean excited, without a sense of tension, but apparently others do. I suggest we carry on the discussion on that page to avoid duplication.

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