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"A chicken! Thank you, father!"

Translation:Cearc! Tapadh leibh athair!

November 28, 2019



Note: Leat is singular, leibh is plural, and if you want to be respectful you use the plural. I'd use Tapadh Leibh here because a person's dad is older than them.


There was a bug that meant the English>Gaelic translation wasn't the same as the Gaelic>English one. It should be tapadh leibh.


Why is it "tapadh leibh A mhathair" and "tapadh leibh A sheanair" etc but "tapadh leibh athair" without an "a"? Do we drop the a in front of vowels or in front of a ?


In front of vowels.


I know I have to grasp the basics but truly I cannot get mother/father/brother/sister etc into my head because I am old and I have none of them any more in my life. I probably will never need them. Not envisaging writing a book/poem /talking to people about them etc.


Perhaps you might talk with someone about theirs though? Perhaps it will be easier when we get to "How is your father?"


How do you pronounce athair? I'm really struggling with the pronunciations


Say "ah her" but with all the stress on the first syllable, and shorten the second syllable as much as possible.

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