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  5. "Seo Anna agus cearc."

"Seo Anna agus cearc."

Translation:This is Anna and a chicken.

November 28, 2019



This sounds like somone going through the family photo album.


In exercises where you are asked to type in Gaelic, there are no buttons to click on for special characters (such as ò). Other DL languages provide this, so I hope it gets added here too. In the meantime, if you set your keyboard to "ENG INTL" (English International), you can get the left-leaning accents by pressing the back-quote key (`) followed by a letter key. For example, back-quote followed by o will give you ò. In this way you can enter characters like àèìòù.


If you hold on to a letter on a mobile keyboard, there should be options to change the letter.


The SwiftKey Keyboard (for mobile) has a settings option where long-pressing the letter key will give you accents.


Similarly, I have my keyboard set permanently on United Kingdom Extended, it makes accents really easy - for the graves on Gaelic vowels you just tap ` then the vowel - à, ò etc.


I use the MessagEase keyboard on my phone. For this system, it's letter + ` then the combination key which is the upper-left-most corner.


Today for dinner we will be having "Anna and chicken"


Could chicken be used as a synonym for a coward like it is in English?

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