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"Chan eil mi à Dùn Èideann. Tha mi à Glaschu."

Translation:I am not from Edinburgh. I am from Glasgow.

November 28, 2019



Thanks to all the volunteers#


I have had difficulty under standing some speakers but I worked it out after repeating it several times. Once I learnrf the words it got easier. Hang in there


Very difficult to understand! Poor recording quality...


This lady is a bit more difficult to get right away, but, if you are going to the Western Isles, you are going to hear many different people from many different dialects, many different ages speaking at many different speeds. It's good to get your ears used to that variation early on.


You understand that this is being undertaken by volunteers who are fluent in the language. If you can do better, then step right up. I'm sure they'd be happy for the extra hands. And the recording sounded perfectly fine to me. Perhaps a little extra noise on the end, but it matched what was written very clearly.


On mobile app sentence was already positioned correctly in order before audio started.


That happens sometimes. It's fairly random and eventually the correct order is going to pop up.


I've had the same thing happen twice for this sentence, and the words are already chosen in the correct order, not just happening to be in the correct order in the pool. You can just click check without doing anything and get the point. You also cannot deselect any of the words. There is definitely some kind of bug with this sentence.


Even though I know (more or less) the Gaìdhlig for Edinburgh, I still can't spell it. :) I don't find the (old?) woman on this recording hard to understand (because I've heard her so often). I probably need to learn "pardon? repeat please."


This was already completely pre-filled for me? I'd completed the same listening exercise earlier this lesson, having to choose the words, but this time they were all filled in and i just had to click check. Has anyone else got that?


I've noticed this also. It needs to be flagged.


a little be confused about how to get the answer getting positiv. sometimes the system lets you through with typos, next lesson is wrong because od writing a words first letter big or small..-just saying.


This was already in the order.


"Chan eil mi a dun eagdean tha mi a glasachu". Why does this state 'you typed in English?'


Hey, there are a couple of typos in your above answer. Anything more than one letter, the system will read as an error. It only reads acceptable answers as Gaelic. Hope that helps!


Oh sorry, I didn't mean to indicate it was correct, I knew I missed dun eideann and accidentally had an extra a in Glaschu, but usually when I have mistakes it tells me I was wrong and moves on. this time it didn't, and at the time I couldn't really recall how to spell dun eideann or glaschu, which I was stuck until I typed complete junk in the field.


It happens to the best of us :) Aye normally if you nearly have it it just gives you a correction. Think it may also depend on the type of excercise but I could be talking nonesense there!


I wrote this correctly and it marked me incorrect! Weird.


Hey, I knew this one from Dunedin, New Zealand, the city where my Scots ancestors emigrated to.

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