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"We sleep in the bedroom and in the atrium."

Translation:In cubiculo et in atrio dormimus.

November 28, 2019



ātrium ātria Either from Ancient Greek αἴθριον (aíthrion, “under the sky, open”), āter, Etruscan

CubiculōCubiculumCubicula A small bedroom; bedchamber. • From Cubō (lie down) +‎ -culum.

DormīmusDormīreDormiō • From Proto-Italic Dormiō, from PIE drem- (“run, sleep”). • Cognates include Old Church Slavonic дрѣмати (drěmati, “to drowse, doze”), Russian дрема́ть (dremátʹ), Sanskrit द्राति (drāti, “to sleep”), Ancient Greek δαρθάνω (darthánō, “I sleep”).


Do you have to repeat the ”in” preposition in front of the both words?

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