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  5. "Calum and Iain."

"Calum and Iain."

Translation:Calum agus Iain.

November 28, 2019



I figured it out! It's an "i" not and "l" for Iain


If I may leave a suggestion for the creators, it would be very nice if we could hear the words in Gaelic as well as the translation when we hover over over them. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Also, it would also be very nice if there was a selection of accented letters beneath the editing box where we type in our answers so that we could learn to spell the words properly we learn them. Thanks again for taking the time to read these suggestions.


I'd recommend posting this suggestion on the forum as it'll be easier for the contributors to find. You can find it here: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/969/new


When and when do we not use "Tha"?


Tha is used when you are describing something ir someone. So to say Danny is nice > Is Danny nice > Tha Danny snog


What or who is lain


The name is not lain, its iain, with two 'i's!!!


Just some unknown person, just like the other names


Why does one speaker say "agus" with a g, like in "good" but the other speaker says "ayus"

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