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"I do not like salted gannet at all."

Translation:Cha toil leam guga idir.

November 28, 2019



Guga salann is salted gannet, guga is just a Gannett


As far as I know, guga is a young gannet, always salted for preservation, so possibly the "saltedness" is understood and need not be expressed. I think the adult bird is sùlaire, aka Solan goose.

[deactivated user]

    That is what i thought. Guga is just gannet.


    Do you get gannet in food any other way than salted? It was a new one to me.


    I always thought guga was just something they ate on St Kilda when there was nothing else - I didn't realise it was more widespread as a food


    Huge tradition of guga hunting in Ness, Lewis. It features in one of Peter May's Lewis Trilogy, though can't remember which one, not the first of the three, though. It's still a legal hunt, I believe, considered sustainable.


    How bizarre, never occurred to me salted gannet was a foodstuff, thanks for the education!


    I feel like they should at least either make guga salainn a correct solution or not put salainn in the words to chose from, it's needlessly misleading


    The "Cha" tile produced a child's voice saying something that sounded like quiche. Is this a correct pronunciation?


    This is my question as well

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