" tha dol?"

Translation:What's going on?

November 29, 2019



Where in the English speaking world do people say "what's doing"


This one's been baffling me. I wonder if it's a phrase specific to Gaelic-speaking parts of Scotland, where the course authors might come from—their brand of English certainly comes through in some other places in the course, so it's possible. Definitely haven't heard of it down here in Ayrshire.

Would love to hear a little about it if any of you happen to be reading. :)


It's definitely a thing in the islands, and until about a week ago, I assumed it was a Scotland-wide thing. Clearly not!


I'm from the east coast of Scotland and have never heard of 'what's doing' either. It must be an islands thing.


"What's going on?" Was a Motown hit.

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Never heard "What's doing". I would say "What's happening" instead.


I'm a Scot from near Edinburgh and I'm mystified by 'What's doing' too. I suppose I'd say 'what's happening?'


'What's doing?' is the literal translation here. But I would use that in English too so maybe it's a west coast thing. Or a Gaelic speaker thing. 'What's happening?' will also be accepted though. :)


I'm familiar enough with "what's doing?", but I don't hear it as much as I used to, it seems. Below, someone suggests "What's on?", and I wouldn't go for that, to me that implies " ...TV/at the cinema/theatre etc, what entertainment/activity is on offer. But that could also be regional, I suppose. "What's going on?" is not cognate with "What's on?", I don't think.


Also baffled. Does it mean the same thing as. "How's it going?"


You'd be safe assuming that it does. :-)


Wouldn't 'what's up,' or 'what's on' be better translations?


Literally translated it is 'what's doing?', but 'what's up/happening?' etc will be accepted too.


I've heard it in nyc.


American here- if this mean's "what's going on" then my answer of "what's good?" also works lol. Slang


In Virginia there are various dialects in just one State. So I have no trouble believing variations would occur in a Nation.


I don't want to muddy the waters, but I had always thought that this phrase was a contraction of "Dè tha a'dol", literally "what is going" as in "tha mi a'dol dhachaidh" and so on, but that the vowel clash led to it being shortened in speech. Part of the verb "rach", in other words, and nothing to do with "doing" at all. "What's doing" should be ""Dè tha a'dèanabh". Am I wrong about this?


Where is the 'on' coming from in "Whats going on"? Is it implied?

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