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"A bheil thu a' fuireach ann an Tioradh?"

Translation:Are you living in Tiree?

November 29, 2019



Incorrect spelling of Tiree.

Tiriodh is the correct spelling. (Rather than Tioradh).


Both exist, there's a detailed discussion elsewhere.


Should the answers not be tailored to accept standard Scottish English responses? I wrote "Do you stay in Tiree?" but this was rejected: using the verbal "to live in" feels a little awkward/unnatural to me. (I already flagged it for the designers to consider, but was wondering if others agreed.)


Do you stay in Tiree isn't really good. Do you live in Tiree or are you staying in Tiree, but not Do you stay in Tiree.


Please do not assume that if you don't say something then it is not correct.

It is correct Scottish English. That is the point that WillClem2 is making. It is a distinct feature of both Gaelic and Scottish English that fuireach/stay is used in the sense of 'live', so if you can say 'Do you live?' then we can 'Do you stay?' It is asking about permanent residence, not where you are on holiday.

No one knows where this unusual usage, which occurs in Scots but not English and Gaelic but not Irish, comes from. Perhaps one came from the other but no one knows which came first.

There are some Scottish usages that speakers are unaware of, but many people are aware of this distinctive Scottish usage and are proud of it. D


My dictionary gives the spelling "Tiriodh" for Tiree.


And other dictionaries give Tioradh. Both should be accepted and there is no point in going by just one dictionary, especially without saying which it is, as some are more authoritative than others. D

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