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  5. "caileag agus cat"

"caileag agus cat"

Translation:a girl and a cat

November 29, 2019



I'm glad I attempted irish first. This is much easier by comparison now.


The pronunciation of agus sometimes sounds like "ayus", sometimes not. Is this right? Is it a gender thing?


It is a dialect thing, two different speakers, two different pronunciations.


Which is the most common? and what part of Scotland do both pronunciations come from?


As with Irish, I suspect that, because it is an endangered language, no one regional pronunciation is going to be given status over another. We should probably try to become familiar with them all. Again, if it's like Irish, you will be understood whichever pronunciation you imitate. I would also like to know which regions are associated with which accents, though, so I'd also appreciate someone familiar with the accents weighing in.


The pronunciation as if spelt with gh is, I'm fairly sure, far more common than the pronunciation with g.


You can use 'nighean' for 'girl' as well, but its more usual meaning is 'daughter'.

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