"Tha seo math."

Translation:This is good.

November 29, 2019



Anyone know the difference between seo math and tha seo math?


There's no verb in "seo math", so it's not really a complete sentence, though you might here something like it in fast / casual speech (to mean "tha seo math").

You can have complete, standard sentences where seo is followed only by a noun though, e.g. "Seo bòrd" (this is a table), where it's the copula verb that's implied.


Thanks for this, was wondering the same thing.


Does this mean that "Seo Anndra" or "Seo aran" should more correctly be "Tha seo Anndra" or "Tha seo aran"?


No, because "Anndra" and "aran" are nouns. It seems to be: Seo + noun Examples: Seo Mòrag. (This is Morag.) Seo cofaidh. (This is coffee.) Tha seo + adjective Examples: Tha seo math. (This is good.) Tha seo blasta. (This is tasty.)

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