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  5. "Cù! Tapadh leibh athair!"

"Cù! Tapadh leibh athair!"

Translation:A dog! Thank you, father!

November 29, 2019



Should athair have the vocative particle "a athair"?


No, vanishes before vowels.


Why don't we say "Tapadh leat, athair" - is "tapadh leibh" out of respect for the elders ?!


Yes. How you address your own father is up to you and him but this level of respect was quite normal. American films depicting the early twentieth century show fathers addressed as Sir.

In this course they put in any person who is likely to be older than you a sign that they want you to use sibh in the exercise.


My phone will not allow me to type accents.


As far as I know, all modern phones do accents if you press and hold the key. If it does not offer you the particular one you want, change the keyboard language setting to a language that has that accent, but this is not usually a problem for Gaelic.

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