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" às a tha sibh, Anna agus Eilidh?"

Translation:Where are you from, Anna and Eilidh?

November 29, 2019



Is it that Cò in this context means "where", not "who"? Or does the combination of "Cò às a" mean "where"?

What's the literal translation here?


Have a read of this. Useful explanation! https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35320178

I'll post the key points here.

  • "cò às" means "where from"

  • "cò" normally means "who, but in "cò às" it means "where from"

  • a = the relative particle (that/which/whom)

  • All question words in Gaelic work as copula forms (the is verb in is mise… ‘I am…’), so cò actually means something like ‘who-is-it?’

  • In Gaelic, to ask a more complex question you need a subordinate relative clause, instead of asking ‘where are you from?’ you ask ‘where-it-is from where you are?’

This is not my explanations. I copied them from "caran-neonach" and "silmeth"


This question marked me wrong when I was right. Weird.


Can't hear the first name clearly. Even after seeing the answer -- still can't hear the 1st name clearly.


I like the old woman. I want to hear her pronounce everything!


The sound is too low on this. I can hardly hear her.

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