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are indonesian and malay the same language or different language?

i started learning indonesian because im really interested in the language.but im just curious if indonesian and malay are the same language or both are considered as different language.please state your opinion about this.Terima Kasih.

November 29, 2019



malay and indonesian language is extremely similar to each other. But that does not meant that they are the same language. For example, the word grandpa in malay is called atuk but in indonesian is called kakek. some other word is the same in both language . ex: eat (makan) well, I am a Malaysian girl so I know about it. i hope this help!! :)


also opah... don't forget about that :D


i met some people on a game called LifeAfter who were from malaysia and they told me that they were basically the same, but with a few minor differences


They are similar, to that point that when you will learn Indonesian and you will encounter a text in Malaysian at first you will think that they are the same. Only after you will learn more you will start noticing differences...


Happened to me, I saw someone I thought (on Instagram) was speaking in Indonesian so I replied in Indonesian. It was actually Malaysian and I was very embarrassed.


Malaysian and Indonesian are basically the same language, like if you learnt one of them you could basically walk into the country and be able to talk normally. Hope it helps.


This video explains the difference decently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kAbNdot4e0 In a gist, there's minor differences in the standard languages, but very noticeable difference in the day to day speech.


They are variants of the same language, like the following are as well, these are just examples:

Hindi - Urdu

Serbian - Kroat

American English - British English

Brasilian Portuguese - Portuguese of Portugal

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