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Idea for stories on the Scottish Gaelic


I’m French, I hope my English is not very bad

Duolingo, I have an idea for Scottish Gaelic. Why not add stories about this course? You can make stories like in the BBC TV program ”Speaking our language” What do you think?

November 29, 2019



Love that idea!


I imagine this is a lot of work, but yes I would absolute love this


Yes, it's for this reason, I tell this during the course is in phase 2 (Beta). Maybe they can work on that for phase 3


Hi AmberLenno! I hope you will see that. Because it's the only solution to ask that.

I love your profile pictures. I would like to know where are you found this?

I will delete this post when you will have replied.


J'ai vraiment aimé les histoires du cours de français, mais à cette étape, il n'y a que des histoires en français et en espagnol. L'idée est vraiment géniale mais je pense qu'il nous faudra beaucoup de temps avant de réaliser des histoires en gaélique.

I really liked the stories in the French course, but at this stage there are only stories in French and Spanish. The idea is really great but I think we'll have to wait a long time to see stories in Gaelic.

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