"I am tired."

Translation:Tha mi sgìth.

November 29, 2019



's mi lium fhìn...


Yes it's hard not to break into song when I see those words...


Tha gu dearbh! Bha mi-fhìn a’smaoineachadh sin cuideachd.


Yes. How did you know?


Some frustration over there not being accented letters below.


I have my laptop keyboard permanently set on UK Extended, so all I need is to hit the ` key and then the vowel. (There's a US International version too, much the same.) I don't use my mobile for this, too fiddly, but by holding a letter key I get a whole range of accented vowel to choose from when I'm emailing friends in France or Germany, all the ones needed here are available. Either keyboard takes about two minutes to set up on a laptop, and has no effect on normal use.


That was my reaction too but when I looked closer there is one over the i rather than a dot :-)


Where do i find accents on duolingo?


if you're on a laptop, you can go to settings -> keyboard (something like that, depending what laptop you have), then you could choose the Gaelic keyboard, or you could choose the US/UK/English extended, if your laptop has it.

On a phone, if you hold down a letter, it should come up with an array of different accents.


Now, the accent letter tiles are beneath the text entry window. They weren’t there yet at first.


So sgith is pronounced like ski?


Historically, g started to be pronounced as c in some situations, so they started writing g instead of c, unlike Irish where it remained as c.

The th used to be pronounced as in English, but it isn't anymore.


In a previous example, it was sgith; now it's sgìth. Does this depend on who is tired?


Yes it does. If the person typing is tired then it might become *sgith by mistake.


No; it’s always sgìth.

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