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how do you report a moderator?

I have found moderators in general to be very helpful and understanding. However, I've found in one of my courses here at DL that a moderator has been overly aggressive at moderating/deleting the comments and questions I post in discussions. It seems to be just one course in particular.

How do I report this to someone above them in DL? Thanks.

November 29, 2019



As others have shared here, it's best to report these cases by reporting as abuse in our report form along with relevant information.

We'll investigate the situation from there.


Hey kevin, just curious, why do you have a MOD tag but your an admin? :)


Thank you for your hard work Kevin!


Kevin, is there anyway I could still become a moderator, without giving my street address??


I would use the "report abuse" facility, and give details of where you think you were hard-done by, but be prepared to get knocked back.

Moderators have a hard enough job on here and really need our support. I've sometimes posted comments in good faith, using the little box where you see only a line or two of your post at a time, and then been horrified how it reads when I see the whole post, or not even realised that there was ambiguity in the way it could be interpreted.


It's commonly known in chat boards that you should never make someone seeking to be a moderator a moderator. They are most likely to actually abuse the power. Webmasters will do it due to short staff. It's perfectly plausible this is a bad mod.


Just FYI, you can click/tap the bottom right hand corner of the box (where you're writing or editing your comment) and drag it downward to make it as big as you want.


It is immensely helpful to have community support. It certainly reduces the stressload we carry. However, it doesn't help anyone, not the mod team's stressload nor the community we serve and are part of if abusive mods go unchecked.

There are plenty of people who dislike mods simply because they disagree with the Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service and don't want moderators intervening. In that case, if they send in an abuse report to stop the mods, they won't get their way.

However, if a moderator is actually abusing their position and someone reports them, either that mod will lose their position or staff will have a meeting with the mod to try to correct the behavior, depending on the situation.

Sometimes, people are new to moderating (it's a steep learning curve) and make mistakes. Sometimes, moderators have bad days and either we realize that and step away from moderating or a member of the mod community steps in behind the scenes and encourages that mod to take a break. And sometimes, people are really just not cut out to serve the community in a moderator position. Those in the lattermost situation, it's best if they are no longer moderators.

Mods are here to serve the community, to help answer questions, keep things as tidy as we can given the workload, and especially to increase people's access to education by facilitating a safer learning environment. This is not a free-for-all platform for every opinion on the planet. Things like politics aren't banned. However, questioning whether someone is a full human being because of their immigration status, religion, gender identity, etc. is not a harmless opinion. It is real in its impact and has the ability to reduce people's life chances. It also distracts from people's ability to focus while learning. That's why we have the Guidelines. The Guidelines outline people's responsibilities to this community, if they wish to stay here.

Moderation is ultimately a position of service. People who see it as anything else are ill-suited for the position. So, if you observe a moderator abusing their position, please, please, please, report them. If you ever forget how, ask. Even the moderator you wish to report is supposed to help you locate the information for how to report them. If a moderator is not doing something wrong, they have nothing to worry about. If we are doing something wrong, it will serve our team and our community here well if we are called into a meeting for correction or removed from our position. :)


Why would he get 'knocked back' for that? They don't really need our support if their abusing their position, or using that position to bully others. It sounds a little more serious than resizing the text box.


... have a hard enough job ... need our support ...

Agreed. The moderator most likely is
not throwing their weight around.

This should be resolved in any case.
The fact is, it will take a third party to
clear the air, and the user has a genuine
concern that should be addressed.

We should trust that the abuse sysops
most likely receive complaints of this
sort on a routine basis, and should be
well-equipped to calm things down.



Thanks, I agree, I've seen a moderator and people that agree with said mod gang up on people for posting twice, either accidently or not.


Thanks for posting because unfortunately that's been my experience too. Sometimes mods can have strong opinions, very strong, and that can sometimes get the better of them. It's even more disturbing when more than one mod gang up. It's possible that's why they wanted to become mods. If this was a school, people would call that type of habitual behaviour 'bullying'.



... a moderator has been overly aggressive ...

Email to abuse@duolingo.com which gets to
the same computer as the "bug report" form,
maybe with less complications. You should still
provide a screen shot and a verbose explanation
of what your complaint is.

Here is the link to the BUG REPORT FORM.

Hope this helps. Great topic. Keep up the good
work. Thanks for posting. בס״ד


Honestly I wish mods would be a little more aggressive in deleting things in the forums that don’t add to the discussion or that they feel are repetitive and redundant. It’s an unpopular thing to do, but the best forums on the internet are well moderated, sometimes even a little aggressively so.


do Mods even get pay or is this volunteer work

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