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  5. "Cha robh cabhag oirre."

"Cha robh cabhag oirre."

Translation:She was not in a hurry.

November 29, 2019



I have no idea how to differentiate between orra and oirre. Other word pairs cause similar trouble. Perhaps some exercises including both? Otherwise getting through these exercises is just rote learning without understanding or hearing meaning...


I have the same problem. How would we know what choice with no context?


Oh, they are (or should be) pronounced differently. In the feminine form the R is fronted and the final vowel a schwa rather than an UH. Maybe in the modern language the distinction is no longer observed, but it was the fact that it SHOULD be there that made me surprised at hearing what sounded like the wrong one.


Chan eil am blas buileach soilleir an-seo eadar oirre / orra


Bha mise a'smaointeach gun do chuala mi ORRA cuideachd!


Could you say someting like "Cha robh i a'greas" since "greas ort!" means "hurry up"?


How do we tell the difference? What are we listening for?

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