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"I have a drunk and deceitful parrot."

Translation:Psittacum ebrium et perfidum habeo.

November 29, 2019



Now THAT sentence absolutely makes sense... Can someone please explain to me how a parrot can be deceitful??? Plus, I'd like to know how to get a bird drunk. Thanks


Bird drank some wine and became drunk. How the bird is being deceitful while being drunk is beyond me


Learning a language should include getting you prepared to understand a fable... Otherwise, you wouldn't understand why a Tortoise and a Hare are running such an unequal race, or what does a Magic Mirror have to say about who is the fairest lady in the Kingdom. A speaking parrot can be deceitful when repeating what someone said out of context. In a fable, it may do that on purpose.

Fermenting apples , berries, or other fruits can intoxicate animals, including birds. They may also drink some sweet juice with alcohol. They may get drunk and this may be on it own harmful to their health, or by leaving them dangerously impaired as to be an easy prey or get involved in a car accident or a street fight.


After duolingo, we are all very, very... very... very prepared to encounter a fable about a drunk, angry, deceitful parrot. Very.


Well, maybe the parrot accidentally gave away his owner's secret? Of course the bird didn't do it intentionally (since they don't understand human words they imitate), and the owner knows it but decides to joke about his parrot betraying him?


Un perico ebrio y pérfido tengo xD

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