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  5. "a duck is big."

"a duck is big."

Translation:Tha tunnag mòr.

November 29, 2019



I have no accents as in gaelic.


Another common word for a duck is "lach".


Yes but they have different meanings. Lach is a wild duck but tunnag is by default a domestic duck. It can be a wild duck with some adjective meaning 'wild' or specifying a particular sort of duck. D


When would you use mòra?


You need three things to happen

  1. You need the plural, tunnagan
  2. It needs to be an attributive adjective - 'big ducks', not 'a duck is big'
  3. It mustn't be one of those pesky words that inserts an i to make the plural, such as cat > cait, or it would be mhòra.

Note that you only add the a because mòr is one syllable. Don't worry about these rules as they will introduce them all one by one. D


Thank you, everyone is so nice and helpful here


Gaelic is just a lovely language and as in all languages it has it's little quirks, perhaps even more than others. I wasn't there 10 months ago, but I'm quite happy that "tha tunnag mör" (sorry I don't have the proper accent on my computer!) means "a duck is big"!! "Seo tunnag mör" is very acceptable but changes the meaning. These courses are wonderfully well done and I wish you lots of pleasure.


I thought it was supposed to be "tunnag seo mòr"


The basic meaning of seo is 'here', so your sentence would mean 'duck here big'.

You will also have seen it in a sentence that appears to be missing a verb as it can translate as 'here (is)'. So

Seo tunnag mòr = Here is a big duck. / This is a big duck. D

The important thing is that whilst you may sometimes see in sentences where the English is something like 'this big duck' this is a recipe for getting the Gaelic wrong. Rephrase it as 'the big duck here' and your Gaelic will be perfect.


My keyboard doesnt have accents eg for mo`r


As far as I know, all keyboards can be made to produce all the symbols needed for Gaelic, but we cannot give any advice without knowing what sort of system you are on, and what language and region your device is currently set to.

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