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  5. "England is not nice."

"England is not nice."

Translation:Chan eil Sasainn snog.

November 29, 2019


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Haha. Going downhill now. England was "not bad" before : 0


Spoiler: It does a full turnaround and ends up really nice.


tha e f├Čor. tha mi duilich


Hi all, just for the sake of clarity this is pretty well balanced by sentences that say "I like England" and "England is really nice". For the avoidance of doubt I think England is generally a really nice place full of lovely people. I particularly like County Durham, the Lake District and how you can buy beer in supermarkets after 10 at night.


Would you balance out some sentences about Iain, too.

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I started this discussion in a jokey fashion pointing out that in a previous lesson it had said England was "not bad" and this one had said "not nice" so I jokingly said it was going downhill . The discussion has taken a bit of a turn since then which wasn't intended when I started it at all!!


Hey! I wrote this and it goes on to say things about liking England and England being really nice. I think almost anyone would understand that this is meant in a joking (and yes, even affectionate way). Our neighbour to the South features pretty prominently and comes off looking pretty well in the course!


That's exactly the sentence I wanted to learn in Gaelic, Duolingo. Thanks.


Oh were getting spicy now huh duolingo

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