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  5. "Tha Iain a' ceannach còta."

"Tha Iain a' ceannach còta."

Translation:Iain is buying a coat.

November 29, 2019



The apostrophe in the Gaelic phrase is important and should be included as part of sentence structure.


Can you explain the importance of the apostrophe? Is it replacing characters as it does in English, such as with "it's" vs "its", or is there more to it than that?


I would also appreciate a reply to David's question.


Actually, three weeks later, I realise that in this case the apostrophe is replacing a "g" because the word following does not begin with a vowel. Ag iarradh and ag òl but a' ceannach.


Ummm, this is exactly what I wrote.


I find if I leave out a space between the apostrophe and the following word, it counts it wrong.


That's odd, because when I do that I just get "you missed a space".

Another reason for an apparently correct answer being marked wrong is that you typed the English translation instead of transcribing the sentence spoken in Gaelic. I keep doing that. It's annoying.


I think that it is also stricter with typos if you look at the hint


Does the " ag/a' " mean something like "doing in the present tense"?


What is the difference in English between 'Iain is buying a coat' and 'Iain buys a coat'?

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