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  5. "Na gabh dragh. Tìoraidh!"

"Na gabh dragh. Tìoraidh!"

Translation:Don't worry. Bye!

November 29, 2019



Is Na gabh dragh something you would say in response to say, being bumped by someone who then apologized or said excuse me? Or like the australian ''no worries'' instead of ''you're welcome?''' Or, I guess, the poor weather has given everyone seasonal affective disorder and they have to remind each other not to worry a lot?


Not an expert, but my understanding is that it is essentially like saying "no worries" instead of "you're welcome". I'm sure it could be used in other ways too.


Something is very wrong today. It says to write in Gaelic and then gives the 'correct' translation as English


im guessing that since "bye" is tìoraidh, thats where we got cheerio from? i only made that connection myself, ive no really looked into yet


How timely. Just as I was answering this, I received (and dismissed) a robo call.

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