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Is more Arabic content coming soon?

I am about done with the Arabic tree and am not ready to stop at all.

November 29, 2019



funny hat, there was talk of a major overhaul coming to the tree. there are so many problems with the duolingo that have been lingering I don't even train here anymore.

while other online courses have made leaps duolingo has chosen to focus on goofiness.

duolingo sucks for multiple reasons: crappy voice recognition, style sheets that won't allow us to see the diacritics nor allow us to permanently override settings, course content that has no template, no easy way to practice weaknesses, no way to personally interact with fellow students.... and so many more that i prefer to just study with better resources of which there are many


Can you drop a link to some other learning material?


There are so many resources and I don’t know your exact reference point...

Here is what I am studying at the moment, Arabic text reading practice, it’s reading of Quran so take it for whst it’s worth

I bought rosetta stone Arabic msa and Rocket egyptian dislect, a bunch of books, a Qu’ran to read with diacritics....


Elke405873 collected many resources in this list some time ago.


Good list except all YT links. Thanks tho.


As a native arabic speaker, the arabic language here in duolingo is unfortunately not the best to learn from. There are wrong pronunciations and the arabic used is a mixture of different dialects which can get pretty confusing. Check out the following website, I just tried out a few arabic lessons there and it seems like authentic arabic. Hope it helps: https://www.busuu.com/en/register?learning=ar


I am so surprised to see this Arabic course here. I really do not have the words to tell you this course is not the Arabic course which makes you understand an Arabic speaker. I am really sad to see something like this that my native language is taught in this way because this course is too different than the real. my native Arabic language is more beautiful. بصراح انا مصدوم من الذي رؤيته جداااااااااااااااا

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