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Is more Arabic content coming soon?

I am about done with the Arabic tree and am not ready to stop at all.

November 29, 2019



As a native arabic speaker, the arabic language here in duolingo is unfortunately not the best to learn from. There are wrong pronunciations and the arabic used is a mixture of different dialects which can get pretty confusing. Check out the following website, I just tried out a few arabic lessons there and it seems like authentic arabic. Hope it helps: https://www.busuu.com/en/register?learning=ar


I am so surprised to see this Arabic course here. I really do not have the words to tell you this course is not the Arabic course which makes you understand an Arabic speaker. I am really sad to see something like this that my native language is taught in this way because this course is too different than the real. my native Arabic language is more beautiful. بصراح انا مصدوم من الذي رأيته جداااااااااااااااا


رؤيته ام رأيته؟ ان مصدوم من الذي رأيته ام الذي رؤيته ؟


رأيته هذا هو صحيح

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