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  5. "Tha còta ort."

"Tha còta ort."

Translation:You have a coat on.

November 29, 2019



How would I say "You have a coat", instead of "you have a coat on"? I always thought "Tha xxx ort" could mean "you have a xxx", whether you're wearing it or not.


Tha còta ort = You have a coat on, as in you're wearing it (lit. A coat is on you)

Tha còta agad = You have a coat, but you're not necessarily wearing it (lit. A coat is at you)


'Tha còta agad'. Literally, ort means on you.

or 'Tha còta agaibh' is using formal 'you'.


I was given credit for "You have on a coat," but I want to say in America it is improper to split infinitives!


Improper perhaps, but not incorrect. I have no issue with it :)


?? I really need help understanding how you get you or i from this. I keep failing the lessons because of this

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