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"I do not have news. And you, Sarah?"

Translation:لَيْسَ عِنْدي أَخْبار وَأَنْتِ يا سارة؟

November 29, 2019



why is it lais and not la?



The detailed explanation is quite complex, but -for the beginner level (like we do now)- in short, "laa" لا is for verbal sentences while "laisa" ليس is for nominal sentences.


I thought ليس was for negating nominal sentences? I am confused now...



Yes, laisa ليس negates nominal sentences.

The sentence above is nominal. Here 3indii عندي is خبر "khabar" (the complement | predicate) of ليس laisa whereas 2akhbaar أخبار is مبتدأ مأخر "mubtada2 mu2akhkar" (the subject of the sentence, which is put after the complement).

Even though "3indii" عندي looks like in the genetive case, the phrase itself represents the nominative case, ie. as the خبر "khabar".


I mean: "nominal sentences". I cannot make editing via the app. But, I hope it is clear! (Finally, I can reopen the Thread via Web browser and make the edit - after almost 4 weeks!).


شكراً يا أروى


You're welcome, deza_5!

عفواً يا ديزا_٥!

By the way, أروى is Arwa and not Away! :)) I really appreciate that you addressed me by name, it's great that you wrote it in Arabic script! :D


Oh! I'm so sorry... I thought I read Arwa. !سامحيني يا اوي


It is OK - don't worry, deza_5 :))

Besides, Away is not my name either but rather an abbreviation of my full name

( ╹▽╹ )


I'm delighted that one can access a thread with the web browser, but does that mean you have to do the same exercise in the web browser as you did on the app, Away54?


Yes, KatieC!

Also, we can enter the Thread that we have followed from the email notification - but sometimes my notification doesn't work as it is not sent properly :(


Should it be, " ليس negates nominal sentences" and "The above sentence is nominal"? "Case" is misleading here because of its meaning in relation to declensions.


I think I have given a note, KatieC! Please see my 2nd comment below the 1st one - I have said, "I mean: nominal sentences. I cannot make editing via the app. But, I hope it's clear!"

Anyway, thanks so much! I have edited them :))

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