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  5. "A cat and a dog are small."

"A cat and a dog are small."

Translation:Tha cat agus cù beag.

November 29, 2019



What differentiates Tha from being, is or are?


The subject. If I said, "Tha mi sgìth" that would be, "I am tired"

If I said, "Tha thu sgìth" that would be, "You are tired"

If I said, "Tha cat sgìth" it would be, "The cat is tired"

I could be wrong, as its been years since I've taken a Gaelic course, so I hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong.


Right, except for a very minor detail: "Tha cat sgìth" means " A cat is tired". " The cat is tired" would be "Tha an cat sgìth".


I keep being told to pay attention to accents. Can anyone tell me how to type them on my phone?


Depends on OS, but usually a long press on the vowel you want to accent brings up the accents. Failing that, install a multilingual keyboard like SwiftKey.


Press and hold when you key a letter. It will give you a range in æ ã å ā à á â ä a pop up.


Is everything e before a in Gaelic


No. There is an a before e in Gaelic.

More seriously, a search of Am Faclair Beag revealed a few old variant spellings with ae and some modern borrowings. But the most common use is any word related to Gaeilge 'Irish' where we tend to use the Irish spelling even in Gaelic.


My loss of attention here!!


How are you supposed to know understand usage if you are not taught it first. New words are introduced and your expected to understand. Maybe it's me being dyslexic or do you have to pay for this with cash and not the money Duolingo gets from watching the ads?


No it is not a question of money. There are different views on the best way to teach a language, and even an expensive course may take the view that the 'hard way' is best. Part of the problem is that what works for one person may not work for another. Here are some ways you can try. The best one is the one that works for you.

  • Guess, and then learn when they tell you
  • Hover your mouse over, or click on the words
  • Use an online dictionary such as the left hand column at https://www.faclair.com/
  • Buy a children's picture dictionary such as Mo Chiad Fhaclair. Sadly this is not in print but you can currently buy one online for less than £/$ 15. Tick off the words as you learn them. The sections may correspond approximately with the sections in this course
  • Keep your own list as you encounter the words. You should add the gender and, when you get far enough in the course to worry, the genitive and the plural as well
  • Get the section-by-section list from https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39057170. You can either find out the meanings one by one as you meet the words, or look them all up before you start each section


There is tips on the web version of Duolingo as well


If you are an English speaker how do you get the accents on your keyboard?


Assuming you are using a Windows-based system, you can follow my advice here.


My keyboard doesnt do accented letters

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