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  5. "Tha uan brèagha."

"Tha uan brèagha."

Translation:A lamb is pretty.

November 29, 2019



No unfortunate stereotypes here.


Can anyone explain why Tha uan breatha was accepted as correct?


This is a limitation of Duolingo. It is a bit erratic, but generally if there is only one letter wrong, ignoring accents, it is marked as a typo, but occasionally it is accepted outright. Your sentence meets these criteria.


How would one simply say "a pretty lamb" as opposed to "a lamb is pretty"?


Uan brèagha

If you think this looks suspiciously similar, it is. Usually it is obvious which it means (like one has a verb in) but if you are really devious it is possible to construct a sentence where it is not clear what all the adjectives are doing.

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