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"Tha mi ag iarraidh uaireadair."

Translation:I am wanting a watch.

November 30, 2019



Does this also mean 'I want a watch' or is it specifically 'am wanting'?


Literally, it is 'I am wanting', but it can mean both.


I tend to think of "am wanting" in the sense of, "missing" -- would this include the sense of "missing" as well?


I wouldn't go down that path. The only SG verb with a present tense is 'is' so all the rest use this 'at' construction. Tha mi ag iarraidh - I am at wanting, Tha mi a' ceannach - I am at buying, Tha mi a' dol - I am at going. So while it may seem a reasonable link I think it is more of a coincidence than anything that I am wanting can mean missing. Because most of the verbs in the present tense use this construction.


I'm not a native speaker, but AFAICT you can use it in that sense, nevertheless it would be far more usual to use the structure "tha [something] a dhìth orm" (literally "is [something] of want/lack on me").


Lucky me that it can mean both! I am not an English native speaker so I don't know the exact difference between "I want" and "I am wanting"


Looks like the word for watch has roots in 'hour-reader.' Apt.

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