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  5. "Chan eil eun agam."

"Chan eil eun agam."

Translation:I do not have a bird.

November 30, 2019



do people with more discerning hearing than me get the difference between "eun" and "Iain"? any tips what to "hear out for"


... sounds almost THE SAME to me, too - but I think of IAIN as it would be pronounced with a double-N at the and - like IAINN - this double-N-sound in the end you do not have with EUN - do compare it - mas e do thoil e !


It also helps to look at the surrounding words. Would "have Iain" be a likely scenario?


Eun: long e-un Iain: long e-ine


Agam = singular possessive? Does the sentence literally translate as "are not bird mine"?

Or am I misinterpreting the function of "chan eil" as a negative?


Agam is for the first person. It denotes possesseion. Eg Tha bròg agam = I have a shoe. Tha bròg orm = I have a shoe on me or I'm wearing a shoe.


agam is like 'at me'. So it could be '(there) is not a bird at me'.


'I haven't a bird' should also be accepted


Sorry, I've added it. Submit a report to us if you come across any more, it's the easiest way for us to fix them. We don't often see the comments here :)

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