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Nearly all "translate" questions seem to be Hindi->English lately.

I did four timed drills for review yesterday and have done three more so far today.

In those 140 questions, I think only two or three of the translation exercises were English->Hindi. "Write this in Hindi" questions were notably (almost completely) absent. There also seemed to be a shortage of "type what you hear" questions.

I found myself expressing myself in Hindi for at most 20% or so of the questions.

Is anyone else experiencing the same?

November 30, 2019



Being a bit of a scientist at heart, I did 5 more timed drills (Intro, Family, Family, Animals, Activity) and counted the question types:

  • Write in Hindi: 2
  • Write in English: 87
  • Tap what you hear: 4
  • What do you hear?: 3
  • Select character for: 4


I don't have that, but I see you are level 25. Do you have a lot of gold skills? I have heard that there is a bug in the system and when you hit level 5, all of a sudden the questions get easier, not in keeping with level 5. Perhaps there are others who can shed some light on this?


Yes, I haven't even started all the skills yet because I'm favoring "going deep" over "going long". So, I have a lot of gold skills. And nowadays I spend >80% of my time reviewing old material and <20% on new material.

And I have seen what you're talking about where the questions on some skills seemed to get easier once I hit level five. So, I know what you're talking about. This is something new and a much more dramatic change.

What I'm seeing now is much worse. Six or seven weeks ago, I decided to start teaching myself to touch type in Hindi and stopped using the word bank. Doing timed drills for review became much more difficult as I expected. And I went from routinely going 19/20 or 20/20 to getting mostly low single digit scores. Since Thursday, however, things have been ridiculously easy again because there are so few questions now that require Hindi responses.

They seem to have taken आसान सवाल पूछो to heart. :-)

BTW, your list of languages is impressive. I can't even say "hello" in that many different languages yet.


Aha, well I haven't used the practice button on the Hindi tree (I did on the Hebrew tree). I should try it and see what happens.

And as for the many languages: I already spoke Dutch (Native), English, German and French (I lived in those countries, as well as taking classes in them in Highschool) and have a passive knowledge of Spanish (I understand a lot and can read it).

I studied Hebrew many years ago and Latin while in Highschool, as well as ancient Greek. So a large part of the list isn't new to me. I am focussing on Hindi and Hebrew right now. As soon as I finish Hindi, new Greek will be my primary focus.

Anyway, I didn't do it all on Duo, that's what I wanted to say. And I like learning languages that are wildly dissimilar from my own. I am taking Indonesian for ancestral reasons and all the rest just to see how those languages work. They are currently on the back burner though.

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