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Duo on PC surface with chrome does not work anymore

Hi Duo. After several years of working well every day. It does not work anymore. At the end of the lesson, it does not count my points anymore. It goes until the end of the lesson and at the end it does not count the points ( frustrating). I'm using chrome latest version. I clean the cash. It works one time and again stops. I have tried with edge and it makes the same... Please help

November 30, 2019




what course? What skill?

Are you maybe repeating (practicing) the same completed old skills (or stories)?

Or are you really talking about new L0->L1 or L2-L4 crown sessions (=lessons)?

Staff installed a XP cap recently because of Leagues: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204905880-What-is-XP-

This change (0XP) for practicing old skills too many times should rollout to more and more users.

November 30, 2019


Hi Thomas, thank you for your answer. I have already done the full tree when Duo has changed the system, all my tree becomes level 2. I'm now practicing either a lesson to come back to level 5, or I play against the time letting Duo select what lessons I practice. It was working perfectly until 2 days ago. Very strange. I've just tried with Firefox, and it does the same. It works for one lesson and then come back to no more points.Please advise

November 30, 2019


HI Pentaan, thank you for your answer. I've tried. It has the same issue.

November 30, 2019
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