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"The merchant hands over the new gem to you."

Translation:Mercator tibi gemmam novam tradit.

November 30, 2019



As a matter of interest, is there any rule which determines the placing of tibi in this sentence i.e. before the noun gemmam or after it? I put it directly before the verb and this was accepted.


No, there isn't! In Latin, any word order is correct. However, mine: 'Mercator tradit gemmam novam tibi' was not accepted. I reported it, but reporting does not always fix the problem.


The verb is always at the end unless it is 'esse' in which case it goes more or less where we would put in English.


The verb does not have to go at the end. Cicero put it there often for dramatic purposes. There are only a few cases in Latin when there is a determined word order, but then it is mostly about where it is placed in terms of phrases and parts of sentences, and not the whole sentence.


And it's rather annoying to teach Duolingo correct answers by losing hearts...

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