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  5. "Tapadh leibh, a mhàthair!"

"Tapadh leibh, a mhàthair!"

Translation:Thank you, mother!

November 30, 2019



For anyone confused between the difference with "Tapadh leibh" and "Tapadh leat" according to wikitionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tapadh_leibh

  • Tapadh leibh = Thank you (formal, or more than one person)
  • Tapadh leat = Thank you (informal, to one person)

Hope that helps!


Is the distinction between "mhàthair" (mother) and "bhràthair" (brother) REALLY so small : "WA-HETH" (mother) and "WRA-HETH" (brother) ... sounds ALMOST the same to my untrained ear - or is it the SPEAKER ?! Tapadh leibh !


Is there any way you could help with my pronunciations? I have a friend who speaks gaelic and I want to be able to comunicate with her properly.


learngaelic.scot/dictionary has pronuciations, with both words and phrases


I'm hearing [ð] instead of [ɾ] at the end of "mhàthair", is this correct?


Well spotted -- that is the Lewis pronunciation of a slender r (i.e. one that is next to e or i in spelling).


Please can you give any tips on how to make that sound - it sounds like it has a bit of an English 'th' sound mixed into it but not quite?


It's the same sound as is at the beginning of the word 'this' in English. Or, the '-air' in 'mhàthair' is a bit like the first half of the first syllable in 'other'. Does that help any?


Yes lovely thank you - the 'oth-' bit from other especially.


I love this course, but is it possible to add those little vowels with grave accents (like à) as little 'special character' buttons? It's a minor inconvenience on a laptop with at least my Swedish keyboard but I can imagine it can be difficult on some platforms. :)


I haven't found a platform I can't do it on yet. Whether by extended keyboard installation or by holding longer on the letter for the mobile devices, but yes it would be good to have them as the buttons as they do for other languages


To hear the word mother in Scot Galic is one thing, to pronounce it is quite another. I need a very slow pronounciation of mother in this language.


I heard athair not mhathair!


This clip makes the initial T in tapadh leibh sound more like K unlike other clips from the same speaker

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