"I like cake."

Translation:Is toil leam cèic.

November 30, 2019



Can someone break "is toil leam" down for me? What does each word mean or does it just mean "I like"?


Literally it would be something like 'Is pleasing with me'. leam=with me.


That's how I understand it.


I think it is as a combonation all together means "I like"


Irish uses "Is maith liom", which would be "is math leam" in Gaelic, translated word to word. Would this be an acceptable way of saying it in Gaelic?


I think we actually take is math leam but you don’t hear it very often.


No, because it's not an Irish translation.


Can't agree less. Is math leam is used and found in Gaidhlig, less so than toigh/toil, and if you get around to reading poetry, it will be found too. Gaedhlig Thir Chonaill is very close to Gaidhlig, sharing many features of grammar, words and some rare isoglosses. Be careful of hard and fast rules concerning what is what, though spelling conventions do help, and standard Irish is of no use as a source of comparison. Just a quick example, I say, for 'was not' Cha rabh, which for all intents and purposes sounds like, Cha robh, which is most unlike the Standard Irish ni raibh (fada on the ni).

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