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No posts to Facebook?

Since I was enjoying Duolingo, I went back and connected my account to my Facebook account. I presumed that it would post the cute little icons when I completed units and would announce when I levelled up.

But neither of those are happening.

I'm using the Android app and on the site have the setting "Automatically Share on Facebook".

June 30, 2014



? Why the silent downvotes? Anyone care to leave a message to explain? I'm reporting that something isn't working for me and you're giving me hate?


did we ever get an answer for this?


I have auto-share selected, and nothing has ever been shared on Facebook. I've disabled adblock, too, just in case.

I use both the browser and the android client.


Update, 1 week later: It shared my level up in Spanish. Perhaps the issue is resolved. I'll keep an eye out.


There must be a bug in the code for the Facebook sharing. I have it checked and sometimes my leveling up gets shared on FB but my last two levels did not show up on FB. Does it matter if I'm logged in to FB with the same browser at the same time? Please fix this bug. It's annoying to complete a level and think it will be shared on FB just to find out that nothing happens.


Not woring for me either. Cant believe this couldnt be fixed in 2 yrs.


Not sure if this is the place but I had mine set on post automatically to facebook and now it has posted nothing. I use windows 7 pro and chrome. Not using my android phone at all anymore (hint: because coach is mandatory on that app). Please, would like to have progress posting to facebook, thanks. Let me know if you need more info.


When you're completing your units/leveling up, are you doing this on the Android app or the website? Thanks!


I usually do everything on the Android App ... but to test it out I completed a "icon" unit on the website and nothing appeared. When are posts supposed to be generated? I couldn't find any screenshots of what appears.


This should be fixed soon, thanks for the report!


Hi bchan ... any news on when this will start working? I didn't get a reply when I said this still wasn't working 3+ weeks ago, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe your fix might take a few days to take effect ... (but I asked if there was another way for me to test it)

So now nearly a month later I've come to the exciting day when I've worked hard and gone up a level. But there's no automatic post to Facebook. Why is it working for you, but not for me? (Is it working for anyone?)


Two years later and still not fixed :(


Thanks ... but my #1 issue was that I have no idea what is supposed to happen. Is there some Duolingo manual that tells me when Facebook posts should appear? You asked about app vs website - does that make a difference?


Woops sorry, I rushed to debug it and missed your questions =D

So when you've checked off "Automatically share on Facebook", whenever you level up or finish a skill, it posts an Open Graph event that says what level you reached or what skill you completed in your activity on Facebook (for others to comment/like). If you don't have it checked off, there is an option in the end screen for you to manually share which will create the same event.

The app vs website question was just to diagnose where the problem was coming from.


How will I know when you think you've fixed the problem? Do you respond here, or do we just wait a while, try it out and then write another post? Is there some sort of pending/fixed bug list visible to us? Last I checked, it's still broken.


Okay, is there any simple way for me to test this? When I last finished a skill, 32 hours ago, it was not triggered. Unfortunately my next skills/levels are a way off.


Oh! Excellent thanks! I've multiple friends using Duolingo and there have never been any FB posts - but perhaps none of them have that feature turned on.


I have trouble on a regular laptop with Windows 10 and Firefox ( I also had the same issue with Microsoft Edge) - AND on my Android too


Same issues here. I get the Automatically share popup box along with checkboxes for Twitter and Facebook. All necessary boxes are checked, yet nothing gets shared. I can share to FB when I reach a new fluency % level, but not when I Level up. Odd.


Same here! My progress used to get posted on my facebook wall regularly but that hasn't happened lately. The option to post badge on facebook is now gone the only option now is to share it on my Linked profile. I'm wondering if they have a problem with Facebook.


I am having this problem too! I use firefox on my PC and I wanted to share on Facebook when I learned a new skill, but "share to facebook" is just unclickable text.


I have the same problem - it just started not long ago. I am connected with Facebook too.


When I level up using the app in ipad I do not get a button "Share" and it is also not automatically shared on FB. I am connected to FB in the settings. Why is it like this and when will this issure be resolved? Thank you!


Same here , nothing is shared on facebook , i just got level up , botch checkboxes are checked for sharing but nothing is shared... i have automatic share checked but it never shares anything...


İ have the same problem. İ was using the website when İ leveled up, then İ clicked on the Facebook share and nothing happened.


Try going to your browser extensions and disabling the ones you don't need. In Google Chrome go to 'Window' then 'Extensions'. Temporarily disable Adblock, Ghostery etc.


As of a few weeks ago, mine has miraculously been working again. I had to go in and break the FB-Duolingo connection (Account Settings --> Profile --> Facebook Connect) then re-establish it and give FB the permissions to post again. It's been working like a charm since! knock on wood


I am facing the same problem, nothing's been shared on fb :( What's the matter?


I'm trying to turn those things off, I think that it's becoming annoying to my friends '-'


Nothing is showing on my facebook either, im using the ios app. Maybe i shouod use the browser before im leveling up


Glad everyone else is having this issue too. It is still an issue currently. I use the windows CPU to complete new lessons and study from the Android app.


Even in the app it says share and you press it and then it asks twitter of facebook. When I click on facebook nothing happens. It used to work before because I put something up this way.

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