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What is the difference in using "a' " and "ag"?

Hi there! I'm redoing the Clothes skill and I noticed in lesson 3 that "ag" is used for "ag iarraidh" (wanting), and "a' " is used for "a' ceannach". I was wondering if that's just the way it is for these verbs or if there is a reason for using "a'" instead of "ag"? Thanks!

November 30, 2019



ag before a vowel, a before a consonant. Ag is the basic form and the g is dropped before a consonant.


Ah that's good to know! I didn't realise that! Thanks! :-)


Gaelic doesn't like vowel to vowel contact between words so it usually finds a way of either dropping one of the vowels or breaking it up. Ag and a' are the same particle.

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