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Has anyone else been hacked?

I've had my profile edited, adding ads and a link to a porno site (with a .ru domain). Have changed my password several times, logged out and in again, but it is ongoing. So there seems to be an aggressive and persistent attempt to hack my Duolingo account going on.

Anyone else here experiencing the same thing?

November 30, 2019



Sounds like the hacker is still logged in in another session.

Can you FORCE a logout (killing / deleting ALL device sessions) after you are changing the password?

Try it on the www.duolingo.com web portal.
Maybe there is a special button you can click on?

You need to get in touch with staff / 3rd level support / technical admins / developers to ask these kind of questions.


Yes, thank you. That is what I want to do. I have tried to get in touch with support via the request form, but just get a form answer. I did get a response, when I first posted here in the discussion forum, which is why I have posted here again.

So if any technical admins are reading this: is there any way to force kill all sessions? Or can that be done by an admin?


Btw, there is still strange activity on my session, 'Following' another user without me doing anything. They have not edited my profile again yet, but I expect that will be next.


Yes, that's what I did, originally. Was still experiencing problems, but things seem quiet now since my last password change & logout/re-login. Hope that will be the end of it.

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