"Is it cloudy?"

Translation:A bheil i sgòthach?

November 30, 2019



Can someone help me? How does "A bheil i" translate to "Is it"? Thanks!


As I recall, the verb "to be" has four forms for the present tense - positive = tha = am, is, are; negative = chan eil - am not, isn't, aren't; positive question = a bheil = am?, is?, are?; and negative question, I think, nach eil = am not?, is not?, are not? Tha mi/thu/e/i = I am, you are, he is, she is Chan eil mi/thu/e/i = I'm not, you're not, he's not, she's not A bheil mi/thu/e/i? = Am I?, are you?, is he?, is she? Nach eil mi/thu/e/i? = Am I not?, are you not?, is he not?, is she not? ... and similarly with the plural pronouns sinn (we), sibh (you formal/plural), iad (they)


Weather is feminine, that explains the 'i'. I am looking forward to the rest of the reply to your question also ;)


So many similar but different words. Irish cognate is maybe scáthach “shady, sheltered”. Interesting that the weather is feminine like in Welsh.


my keyboard does not make the correct accent, so I use é ó, etc. Any idea how to make the correct accent on a bluetooth portable keyboard?


You should be able to change the keyboard map on your device. Google "change keyboard map" and your os --Android, Windows 10, Mac, Iphone, Chrome OS, Fedora Linux... And then when you choose the language, pick Scottish Gaelic.


If "is there thunder?" is "A bheil tàirneanaich ann" why is "is it cloudy?" -> "A bheil i sgòthach" and not "A bheil sgòthach ann"?


Tàirneanach is a noun and sgòthach is an adjective, same as in English, there is thunder (rather than it is thundery) and it's cloudy rather than there are clouds.


TOO MANY VERBS for almost the same : SGÒTACH / CEÒTACH / GAOTHACH - please do clarify them better and give us more enunciation exercises - otherwise these are too hard for me to distinguish & speak !

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