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  5. "I have a white shirt."

"I have a white shirt."

Translation:Tha lèine gheal agam.

November 30, 2019



Why add an h to geal here?


What makes a noun masculine or feminine is.... not really easy to tell. It's mostly stuff you just have to learn with the words. And it's not always obvious from what the word is. For example the word boireannach (woman) is masculine, lèine -shirt, is feminine, but blobhsa (blouse) is masculine. One of the best ways of learning is to put it in your memory with a lenitable adjective like this, so you remember which way it goes.


adjectives undergo "lenition" after feminine nouns. It's rather complicated...more details here: https://gaelicgrammar.org/~gaelic/mediawiki/index.php/Lenition


So the tongue finds it easier


Is there a reason why "Lèine" is capitalised here or is it just an error?


No reason, error I'd say.


May one use "aig mi" in place of "agam" ?


To be pedantic, aig takes the dative, and we have no idea what the dative of mi is, as we never find it except when attached to a preposition. That is a good reason why you should never say *aig mi.


Nope, although that's the literal meaning of agam, you would never use it.

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