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  5. "An t-òrd aig Màiri."

"An t-òrd aig Màiri."

Translation:Mairi's hammer.

November 30, 2019



So how would you say 'Mairi has the hammer'?


Can someone explain how possession works in Scottish Gaelic or provide a link that helps explain it please? I'm a bit confused by this


Generally, things are "at" you, as there is no verb "have" in Gaelic. So "the hammer at Mairi", to translate the above literally, is how you refer to Mairi's hammer.

For certain "inalienable" things (body parts, family members etc) you can also use possessive pronouns (my [mo], your [do] etc.).


Yes, so how would you say 'Mairi has the hammer'?


A guess - "tha Màiri an t-òrd aice".


Actually, I think that means "She has Mairi's hammer". Or to put it literally, "The hammer at Mairi is at her".

For "Mairi has the hammer", you need to put it as "The hammer is at Mairi", i.e., "Tha an t-òrd aig Màiri".

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