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  5. "siùcar agus bainne"

"siùcar agus bainne"

Translation:sugar and milk

November 30, 2019



There seems to be a difference between the male and female pronunciation of "agus" here


Seeing it in all the questions so far... The male voice uses harder consonant sounds like I'm used to with English, the female has a lot of soft/silent ones that get confusing, like when I try French


I think the difference in pronunciation depends upon the area the speaker is from. (to•may•to / to•mah•to)


Yes it sounds like the male says "ahgus", and the female says "aye-us". Wondering which is correct. I also noticed this with the word good; it sounds like the male says "vah" while the female says "mah".


How do you insert the accent from a qwerty keyboard in Duolingo?


You should be able to hold down the appropriate key to get a pop-up selection of accented variations. So, you'd hold down the "u" to choose the ù with the number 3 key.

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