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  5. "أَرْوى غَريبة."

"أَرْوى غَريبة."

Translation:Arwa is weird.

November 30, 2019



In case this is helpful, the ى at the end of the name Arwa is an alif even though it looks like a ya. It's called Alif Maqṣurah. At first it was throwing me off, but there's an excellent video that explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yXWYSgW13I (The speaker starts with an explanation of another type of Alif called a Dagger Alif, but moves to Maqṣurah Alif in the middle, so skip if you want to.)


Not at all, it is quite okay to be weird. (Later on she will probably be a good, very hungry, new, Lebanese engineer!)


Actually, she's in good company. She might even meet a nice guy. Mike sounds promising.


Although i got my hafiza award for memorizing the holy quran, i still keep learning arabic in this app!!


In previous comments, they give some additional meanings for ghoryeeba such as exotic or foreign.


I just realized that Arab عربي and weird غريب are quite similar. It may be that this 'weird' practice is aimed at helping us internalize the difference so we don't accidentally say "is like to introduce my weird professor to you" when we mean"my Arab professor.


I relate to your point & once commented on it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34535360 Have a lingot. A big difference is the ghain instead of ayin, so probably for Arabic speakers there is a big difference.


We have been using the same adjectives for these levels :(


Think strange should be allowed also...


Ghareeb means poor in my language, Urdu.

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