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Why isn't the Scottish flag showing up next to my username even though I've started Gaelic course?

November 30, 2019



Did you make the customary offering of Irn-Bru to the Owl? the niceties must be observed ; ) lol, sorry....could not resist. In all seriousness, it takes flags for new courses a bit to appear. It will show up eventually. Mine took nearly twenty-four hours...


Where, oh where is this Scottish Gaelic course?? "❛¿❛"


It is a bit temperamental - it should show up in the next day or so, from comments by others.


Oh Goody! Me too please! :)


You must be level two. (60 XP)


First you have to be at level 2 (at least 60 XP which you have). And then, unfortunately, it can take time for flags to be updated on the forum. Sometimes it appears quickly and sometimes it takes a few days. I never understood why but it has always been like that.


Honestly half the time I don't even see the flags not sure why I just don't. As for why yours hasn't appear yet I would guess its because the data for the flags hasn't been synced with lessons I assume it will happen whenever Duo does its sync which is probably daily but I don't really know.

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